terça-feira, 13 de setembro de 2011

#16 Lille (FbKits)

Here is the 16th creation presented in my blog, in this case the set of kits for Lille, team that play in Ligue I, at France.

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Nicolás Meli disse...

it hurts that I can not go, I would follow your blog.

I wish you'd go through my forum, there is a Portuguese like you, and there we had lots of fun challenges. If you go through the translator you can communicate well with us by the English.

ginjo disse...

Bons kits! ;)

Keno disse...

Nice work, really good kits dexzz!
I like your style

OKT disse...

Não estão ao nivel dos outros do blog, mas estão bons ;)

Carlos Jorge disse...

Aceitas parceria?


Luis Miguel disse...

Muito Bom!!

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